25.09.2023, 00:09:

11.09.2023, 01:00: oh you're still checking these posts? well - here's a new thing i'm doing: demos 23 or something, i don't know the name yet but it's music so it's automatically cool

28.08.2023, 03:28: im actually on spotify

25.08.2023, 02:17: how do i do anything

23.08.2023, 16:46: ohh new blog what

18.08.2023, 20:58: it was me - i made ultrakill

18.07.2023, 17:08: i answered your questions be happy

18.07.2023, 16:47: hello there im tryin to do something

10.07.2023, 14:42: happy birthday to you
also a gamejam game was done

19.06.2023, 08:46: this whole studying thing is driving me insane please help

10.06.2023, 12:59: i wanna be who i am but 40 years ago

28.05.2023, 18:23: BO BURNHAM FTW

27.05.2023, 21:43: a wild scanner wipe appears

12.05.2023, 01:15: a week and a day

11.05.2023, 13:23: do you know how to push the buttons? 🤔

06.05.2023, 00:30:

01.05.2023, 16:31: dont you touch my

17.04.2023, 09:08: tom cardy

10.04.2023, 23:11: jackbox quixort teams voting thign

30.03.2023, 15:02:

30.03.2023, 09:03: damn

26.03.2023, 00:37: making a crazy thing for april fools

23.03.2023, 23:32: nothing matter's if you've got happy feet

19.03.2023, 23:31: imagine making music in damn blender

17.03.2023, 09:49: sometimes you've just gotta learn new software to make something cool

12.03.2023, 21:48: everyday music becomes not-so everyday music

08.03.2023, 20:48: over the span of 12 last days i've made more audio things than in the last 30 years

08.03.2023, 12:06: crap i fell asleep and didn't make a track yesterday - okay i'm going to make 2 tracks as a compensation today

06.03.2023, 22:19: goin' home at 10

01.03.2023, 23:22:

28.02.2023, 18:39: wanna switch to premiere pro

27.02.2023, 20:56: still doing the everyday music thing

26.02.2023, 15:06:

26.02.2023, 14:57:

25.02.2023, 16:26:

25.02.2023, 00:02: do you like my new website?

24.02.2023, 21:52: the main site is about to change, so be ready; oh, here's a little teaser:

24.02.2023, 01:01: "everything's connected"

23.02.2023, 18:05: gimme some coke

22.02.2023, 23:25: windows update's ruining my plans

21.02.2023, 20:11: im procrasting too much... so... im launching EVERYDAY MUSIC. i hope to release something new every day so you don't say im not doing anything

19.02.2023, 22:25: is it back?

12.02.2023, 22:58: gonna do some...

08.02.2023, 20:53: how do i wake up

01.02.2023, 00:19: and now i'm going to sleep for a decade

01.02.2023, 00:17: im almost done moving stuff between servers finally.. the only thing left to do is to switch my primary os to linux

31.01.2023, 01:10: i've just learned how to tspin

30.01.2023, 10:11: tetris moment

27.01.2023, 08:52: bus moment🗿

26.01.2023, 00:41: some stuff got discontinued

25.01.2023, 22:34: movin stuff

24.01.2023, 11:50: uhhh.. is this thing working?.. this should be on a new server

22.01.2023, 21:50: oh gosh i've to move everything to a different server pretty soon (withing a week), that's gonna be v e r y p a i n f u l

22.01.2023, 02:58: weird things i found on the internet 1: The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time. 6 albums that are somewhat describing stages of dementia with audio, it's very interesting to listen through it. it kind of reminds of the time i've never been a part of, while also being scary in a some kind of uncanny valley effect, triggers the fear of losing memory, overall very weird but cool experience

21.01.2023, 22:37: "what do the beautiful do?"

21.01.2023, 12:12: chess is cool, i guess

20.01.2023, 16:29: "oh i got a bent hat"

20.01.2023, 01:06: what should i focus on: drawing or making music? 🤔

19.01.2023, 11:23: who the hell is steve jobs?

18.01.2023, 13:37: "ghost in his home! but its better than being alone. yes, his house is hauted. thats just what he wanted."

17.01.2023, 14:28: "you'll never catch me, this whole scenario is extraordinary"

16.01.2023, 21:38: thinking of opening "reality" section on my main website

16.01.2023, 21:37: oh, i feel like i disappeared from life for a few days... i'm not a big gamer except for the moments where i am very interested in story... i mean 30 played hours after 48 hours of buying the game is a bit unhealthy...

12.01.2023, 14:26: "and now for something completely different"

12.01.2023, 05:50: even if i really want, i can't push myself to sleep...

11.01.2023, 22:37: after watching an entire playthrough of omori, i can say that it's a very interesting game. i instantly added it to my steam wishlist. sure, i watched the playthrough on youtube, but i still want to play it. that game has many secrets and stuff, i sure won't regret it. this game made me truly sad for some time, and i reflected on some recent events that happened during and before 2022. i'm pretty sure i'll be a bit sad while still thinking about the game for the next few weeks. the game sets up a nice atmosphere with it's great artwork and music.

11.01.2023, 22:34: "welcome to white space; you've been living here for as long as you can remember."

11.01.2023, 17:49: since when did youtube start to recommend videos...

10.01.2023, 20:25: omori seems like a very interesting game

10.01.2023, 00:46: i wanna sleep during nights

09.01.2023, 00:53: well, i did publish three videos today (technically, yesterday). all of them are cringy ones but who gives a frick

08.01.2023, 21:48: "just turn around"

08.01.2023, 02:12: and, trust me i'm almost done with jackbox, it's gonna be here pretty soon. about other video, uh... that's going to be a bit longer cuz it requires a bit of coding for minecraft... i'll be a bit late to the trend but still i think i'm gonna be one of a few russian programmers to make minecraft videos for fun

08.01.2023, 02:10: three new videos on the channel scheduled for 2PM, 4PM and 8PM

07.01.2023, 08:47: oh, look, cool video i've made:

07.01.2023, 08:03: cool song i've found, you should check out jack stauber

07.01.2023, 08:00: i think my greatest dream is to make my own...

07.01.2023, 04:43: technical administration can be a bit hard at times

06.01.2023, 23:13: i made a video for the sunday's aedq finally (you'll gonna see it on sunday ofc)

06.01.2023, 22:10: Здравствуйте, я директор интернета. Вам больше нельзя использовать картинку и музыку, связанную с "Магическим деревом"/"Умным деревом"/"Wise tree"/"Деревом-мудрецом". Любое нарушение правила приведет к бану.

06.01.2023, 20:20: "gamin"

06.01.2023, 01:13: "oh, it's rolling out over time... can i put a halt on mine?"

05.01.2023, 09:13: i haven't slept today... but i've made a minecraft plugin

04.01.2023, 21:48: just now i've looked into my contribution history on github and i'm kinda shocked, i did not expect to be so active on github last year - there are almost 700 contributions...

04.01.2023, 21:32: uhh, this page seems unreasonable. i already had the "notes" page, where i published stuff, why also this?... oh, i know the answer!!! it's to create something using svelte and sveltekit! i should've probably created something more interesting than a single-page blog, but nonetheless i think i came along pretty good!

04.01.2023, 17:29: uhh, created this new blog.. should be good.. i guess?