NOT horse plinko: UD is getting delayed

Published 10 months ago

We use Unity.

Recently Unity has introduced new "Runtime fee", which is a fee paid by developer for each install of the game. In order to protest against this change we will stop using Unity. We have almost finished NOT horse plinko ultra deluxe definitive edition: director’s cut, pre-order game of year edition plus 2024: 3 in 1 (with custom OST) microsoft office 2023 windows 64 (featuring dante from devil may cry series and knuckles) excel.

The delay

Our developers have years of experience in Unity and now we'll have to change to another engine. We reviewed some potential candidates. For example: Scratch, Clickteam Fusion, Pygame, SFML, tkinter, Pascal, Brainfck, Minecraft data packs, Terraria, Factorio, Godot, 6502 microprocessor, renpy, C++, C#, C, Csmooth, C--, sinus, C, C^2, sqrt(C), C flat, Aseprite, MSPaint, Adobe Flash, Geometry Dash, Source, GoldSrc, SFM, s&box, Garry's mod, YouTube, Dreams, Blender, RPGMaker, Roblox Studio, Unity, Unity, GameGuru, SFML, HTML-5 (minus 5), DVD disks, VHS tapes, GameMaker, Real Engine, Java, Minecraft plugins, Создание электрической сети на физике при помощи Лего, Arnold Quartz.

But here's our final pick: Godot.

Since we have to learn a new engine from scratch the game's getting delayed. The time? I don't know.