Not horse plinko: Ultra deluxe

Published a year ago

This is our first mention of NHP: UD outside of maxthetomas games. Yes, it's a sequel.

What's NOT horse plinko: ultra deluxe?

That's a question you may ask when you see Not horse plinko: Ultra deluxe announcement.

Some time ago, we've made a game named NOT horse plinko, which is a shitpost work of art. NOT horse plinko featured our first protagonist: a rocket. Since then, we believed that the game was perfect and we should leave everything as it was. But after careful consideration, after a year, we decided to revive the project and make it even worse better.

We started with making a concept sheet, which is not going to be spoiled, yet. We decided to name the game NOT horse plinko ultra deluxe definitive edition: director’s cut, pre-order game of year edition plus 2024: 3 in 1 (with custom OST) microsoft office 2023 windows 64 (featuring dante from devil may cry series and knuckles) excel, shortened to nhpuddedcpogotyep20243in1 (wcOST) mo2023w64 (fdfdmcs&k), or just nhpud.


We have made multiplayer system that works via Discord invites.


The game is in early stages of the development. We don't know when it's going to be released even to open beta. Since I (max) am the only person who can write relatively good code in our team, I am in charge of making almost everything in the game and I tend to be quite slow when it comes to creative projects.

A feature I want to share

Contradicting to the name of the game, it will include horse plinko. Here's early WIP footage of that:

And that's it. We'll follow up this post when we make some progress.